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Girl in cap and gown Want to know which school districts in your state are the top performers? With just a few clicks, you can find recently released reports on top performing school districts at www.schoolmatters.com.

Standard & Poor's just posted new reports on www.SchoolMatters.com listing the top performing school districts in 19 states (more states will be added in the coming months). These "outperformers" report significantly higher percentages of students who are proficient or above on state reading and math tests compared to other school districts in a state with similar levels of poverty. SchoolMatters hopes that these outperforming districts will serve as benchmarks to help educators in other districts with similar characteristics who are looking to improve their own performance.

In addition, you can read Standard & Poor's eye-opening new spending and performance analysis on 25 of the country's largest urban school districts. The study found that that many large urban districts are making greater gains in reading and math test scores and spending less relative to the needs of their students than their respective state averages. Interestingly, S&P's analysis also found that in many cases white students are failing key academic measures in greater numbers than their African-American and Hispanic classmates. To read the full paper, Fact or Fiction: Data Tell the True Story Behind America's Urban School Districts, click on www.schoolmatters.com/pdf/fact_or_fiction_master.pdf.

Boy with backpackWe encourage you to regularly check in for new reports, analyses and data like these on www.Schoolmatters.com.

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